6 surefire ways to lose customers

Has this ever happened to you?

You wander into a shop needing some support and up sidles a salesperson who not only wishes to offer you one thing but apparently demands to offer you some thing. They will provide you anything, whether or not you need it or not. The salesperson is significantly extra interested in upselling you than helping you.

Of course, it has happened to you. It is transpired to all of us. The serious question is, why?

Does the salesperson definitely assume that his pushiness will basically make the sale? Does his manager presume that tricky revenue methods in fact operate? Does the retail outlet even know what it usually takes to make and continue to keep a shopper? In all probability not.

In this article are surefire means to get rid of prospects:

1. Consider the shopper or shopper for granted

There is a great estimate often attributed to Gandhi that goes like this:

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